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Yes, this is what initially achieved Northwest recognition…

KING-5’s Evening Magazine was wonderful enough to come to the “outdoor studio” for an interview that was very complimentary.  The entire episode was nominated for an Emmy. 
They were so gracious in putting everything at ease. 

Meeting people whose interest had been brought about by the airing was superb.  Soon demonstrating the trailing work at Festivals & Fairs.

Here you may view some samples achieved with the assistance of our little Gastropods (a.k.a.: slugs) of the Northwest.

Let us start with the pieces of acrylic on canvas.

They are signed in an adaptable fashion, so they may be hung whichever direction preferred.
With the aura, you may decide upon your preference regarding the flow of the Trails…



If imaginative, you will find shapes, figures, features & silhouettes
almost anywhere you look in nature …but - particularly - in Trails.




Click Here to see an interview of Adrienne about donating Trails of Zeus to “They Shall Walk”




Tranquil Trails in soft blues

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Would you like to ward off some calamity?
How about a “Hex Sign” of the Northwest!?


The pieces done in acrylic on wood are each titled:

“Les Chemins

The discs are sealed with six coats of exterior polyurethane.

The Colorful cord is patinated copper grounding-wire, finished with a twist of copper & brass.

DSC00621             DSC00625             

These are Reversible, Painted on both sides:


DSC00628    DSC00629

Trails -Les Chemins IV (wood 24” diameter)


DSC00630    DSC00631 

 Trails -Les Chemins  II (wood 18” diameter)

DSC00633    DSC00632

 Trails -Les Chemins III (wood 18” diameter) 



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