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Portrait Expenditure:


On Canvas or Wood (archival standards) 

Basic Dimensions:

2.5 X 2 feet (Unless otherwise contracted)

Prices; USA


The Head and Shoulder: $2000.00

Half View (from the waist up): $3000.00

Three-Quarter View: $4000.00

Full View: $6000.00


$1000.00 for one additional subject - $500.00 per subject thereafter… YES, pets or animals are approved subjects.


(If larger painting desired - additional $72.00 per 6 square inches of canvas.)


Background can be determined by client upon photo, example or request - specification is appreciated, sample and concurrence with client


Deposit will be 35% of total price - required upon order, which will be concluded upon reception of the foundation-photograph(s) of the subject(s) and proportion decisions.

[The project can be based on several photographs if necessary – but review and approval of initial layout sketch advised – unless a decision is made to wave.] 


Email or standard (snail) mail – in-person or authorized relay - of base pictures should be adequate.


Balance (65% plus Tax & Shipping) due upon completion.


As for (Award Winning) Drawings…

Acid Free Paper with Prismacolor® Pencil is used:

6” X10” - $300.00

10” X 12” - $600.00


Text Box: Order Form Desired? Click Here[5 dollars per each additional square inch.]


 Gift Certificates Available upon inquiry


Here to Serve,


- Adrienne Anderson Smith


 If finding interest please contact:

NOTE: all calls screened

425.736.4864 voicemail or text are fine