Here is our Trailing Cracker

Scroll down for a pictorial account of his progress

Oval: On to the Nutcracker!  He was placed at – of all places – Westlake Park! (About 30’ from the  former Rockin Pig location.) Right next to the ticket booth for the KING5 Holiday Wonderland Qwest Carousel.  It was a wonderful season
                  Thanks to all for your support!
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This is a prospective plan of the outcome……

 it will undoubtedly rely upon the participation and cooperation of my “staff.”  -amas

Regal King  Sponsored by KING5 TV!

Many thanks for their support and recognition.

The process is done in the formal dining room of

 Virginia Thomas Anderson’s Roselawn “Mansion”
Photos taken by Mark Jeffries

 image006    image010    image008   image016

Françoise Jeffries (Mark’s lovely wife) Assists with up righting and assembling of the King
 image018  image020  image022   image024      

It’s a Good Thing, that Virginia has such a TALL ceiling in her formal dining room/studio!

           WLeaves1  WLeaves2  WLeaves3  WLeaves4  WLeaves5  WLeaves6  WLeaves7 WLeaves8
             Turn, turn, turn…with strawberry leaves
– which the staff just LOVES.          

Now for the Trails…

trailedtrailed4trailed5trailed8trailed9trailed3b trailed5b 

trailed1b trailed2b