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Samples of my work for posterity…



The staff of St Madeleine Sophie In Bellevue, WA asked for “paint” on Mahogany

to refresh the weekday altar.

  It seemed to need more depth than could be achieved on a flat surface.

So, permission was granted to carve the wood.

It was then touched with an acrylic wash before the final stain & varnish.

[For another event
A Paper Lace Banner
 was requested.
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Another piece of woodwork:



Utilizing madrona, in the “whittling” of

 Walking Sticks  and canes.

DSCF0127 DSCF0128 DSCF0130

 DSCF0127   DSCF0128  DSCF0129   DSCF0130    DSCF0133

These are pictures of a main example

(that received Second Place at WWSF 2005);

Showing the Bald Eagle bearing a banner of  “Strength – Freedom –Peace” amongst storm clouds with glow-in-the-dark lightening in the cracks & crevasses. 

They can be done by request for $150 - $150.


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An entry that won Second Place in a Call for Art competition:

“King County Elections seeks artwork for use in training and outreach materials that illustrate

the sacred importance of voting among the disabled community. Art will be judged on

themes that promote independence, privacy, patriotism, voting, and diversity.”

Forgive me Faeries! On our master bedroom’s southern window I painted this. 

The heat of the sun was just too much!


It should be obvious that it is a risk

to contradict a professor,

-- but I never could help myself…


Fiber Arts

Final Project for The Principles of Dye & Dying,

At the University of Washington


Rain in the NorthwestWall Hanging

An array of spun fibers: wool, cotton, silk, rayon…

To illustrate the variation of each one’s acceptance of the chosen colors. 

Accented with assorted beads.

Showing our standard Washington weather.  Rain.

Working with the trees in our western side of “the Green State.”


Macramé was not considered a reliable way to demonstrate the dying process, but it was successful.




It took 15 minutes of the staff picking through the rules,

 to convince them to admit this jacket

 in the “Calligraphy –On Other Surface” category 

of the Western Washington State Fair, in Puyallup.

 It received the Blue Ribbon.

Being a Lifetime Girl Scout, that was quite satisfying.



Acrylic on Denim







The next year this piece was entered, done on a more formal denim jacket

with an antiqued scroll effect,

 It received the 2005 Blue Ribbon & Grand Champion Awards.






DSC00677      DSC00678

As you can see, the light green accent, on both jackets, glows in the dark. 

It is done with ©Golden Acrylic’s Phosphorescent Green...

a very entertaining tone.





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