The “Occupational History” of Adrienne Anderson Smith


Starting out with the “good old American” Lemonade Stands,

Moving up to Selling Girl Scout Cookies - member since second grade.  Won a few prizes for that, on my honor! 


When age made it legal; Babysitting became a lucrative income, very much enjoyed. Earned a little spending money selling bead bracelets, necklaces and rings in 7th grade. – marketing my wares…

(Did many volunteer Office Aide, Art Department Aide, cashier and crafting positions for Student Service, Girl Scouts and Fund Raising projects.)


Then it was off to college - answering phones at the Husky Ticket Office, very first W-2 position.


After marriage, Clerking at “The Doughnut Hause” was an entertaining endeavor.  Also did contracted calligraphy for automobile event posters.

Until, while Painting Windows for Holidays: the need rose for Bookkeeper at a service station.    - My original major was math.


This lasted until soon after Motherhood arrived! (Ending up with four of those little darlings; a girl & three boys.)

Artwork, Wall Paper hanging, Calligraphy, Contract Painting, Sewing, more Window Painting, and Entering Competitions etc - pretty much took over.


[Volunteer positions in PTA, Art Director, Juror, and classroom craft instructor. 


And Girl Scouts:

Appreciation - Outstanding Leader – Outstanding Volunteer Awards winner, etc.  Troop Leader, Recruiter, Service Unit Manager, Girl Scout Council Delegate, Organizer, Art Instructor, Song Leader, Cookie Site Sale Coordinator, etc., etc]


Emergency then called for an Instructor of Gourmet Cooking at the Renton H.O.M.E. Program (unexpected resignation of the staff member for my niece Zoë’s* favorite class.)

This expanded into an Instructing Position with the Renton School District; in other topics; Calligraphy, Crafts, Fiber Arts, Sculpture and Portrait Drawing.


 [Until a necessity occurred for some very successful epileptic surgery – yes, I am considered “disabled” by some.  But I wouldn’t let it get me down!]


Odd opportunity then arose for Teller training with Bank of America®.  An informatively awakening position that ended abruptly; with the return of a longstanding employee and release from the contract.  [But, at any rate, everyone was able to take summer vacation with shifts covered!  September 11th was the very next day … … my loss of position then meant very little.]


From there on out - Art pretty much took over - again - with instructing at the H.O.M.E. Program (Homeschool Opportunity for Merging Education) on the side, doing contracted portraits and marketing the Rocky Characters.  This recently rose to being requested to host a Talk Radio Show titled: Artists Palette.


Such FUN! 







 [*By the by, Zoë has won awards and Student Body President at Annie Wright in Tacoma, WA!  From which she has now graduated – time sure flies…currently she is attending College]