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Sculpted acrylic  on wood

Of Course -

an acrylic sculpture
on Fiberglass!
Voted into the Top 10



Works On Paper

Initial inspiration to draw…
After taking a great deal of lessons in drawing at schools: a busy life with 4 children pretty much put it on hold.  Then, one day, I was told of a schedule change for a meeting in Downtown Renton.  If I had gone home I would have had to turn around & come right back.  That wasn’t going to happen.  But occupying my time was essential.  Then Fred Meyer® “stepped in.”  They had a great selection of acid-free paper pads for a good price.  With that and a box of colored pencils, my time was fulfilled, first with still life, then quick portraits, finally – On To Rocks!
After that, art applications with confidence prevailed.


Here are some larger pieces of a variety of ingredients: watercolor/acrylic/ink/charcoal/Prismacolor® Pencil/thread (for web that glows in the dark)/twigs/etc…- Mixed Media to say the least.


Where to Turn?

Oh, They Think They’re in Charge…



Lean On Me

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